Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living in Russia I always did not like winter ‘cos it lasts practically half of the year. I always liked the first month and that was enough. I like being outside and during winter time you are sure to spend more time inside which is annoying!!! The only winter outside activities always were playing snowballs and skating. But now I started snowboarding! I spent a week with my family and friends in Bulgaria which was fantastic and 100% active. Snowboarding in the afternoon and parting at night with the Irish! What could be better???!! I’m planning to continue my energetic winter this way!!!! Yahooooooo

Bulgarian DAYlife


  1. Красиво, чем-то напоминает Сочи :)))

  2. Возьму на заметку! :>

  3. wow
    замечательные фотографии! там так красиво...я и не подозревала.
    Родители недавно купили студию в Болгарии, поеду этим летом первый раз, обустраиваться.)

  4. Да, я и сама не ожидала! приятное удивление!:>
    Покупка студии - отличное решение,т к можно на машине добираться то до моря, то до гор!