Friday, March 26, 2010

A dose of Samara fashion

On Thursday I woke up at 7.30, something I didn’t do for a long time haha!!! But it was a pleasant awakening as I was invited by my friend Dasha to attend a Fashion contest of young designers and make some shots there. Though the place was outside the city we got there in comfort by taxi..

Tatiana Masterova, the designer whose collection Dasha supposed to show, appeared to be a dramatically kind and talented person. The main theme of collection was all inspired by Indian national costume with lots of beads, embroidery and natural silk. Besides transparent material and curvy shapes – are also influence of India. And isn’t what we gonna wear this spring???:) Besides she designed fantastic tights which looked like a BODY-ART, so must-have this spring-summer!!!
So, as I have told already, I really got a good impression of this collection, it was in a high level, especially for Samara. It was only Tatiana’s second collection, so I predict this little tiny girl has a successful future..

There was only one thing I didn’t like about this event - there was actually no runway!:) Yes, all models were just walking on the stage, and it all looked like a theater concert, not a fashion show. haha

!!! Dasha


  1. I`m so happy to pose for you!!! You are a brilliant photographer!

  2. спасибо! но я не фотограф, я просто люблю фотографировать! :* :*