Monday, July 12, 2010

Acting like a proper tourists

Before going to Atlanta we spent a whole day buying T-shirts "I love DC" and riding in a double-decker...

Friday, July 9, 2010

1st month in the US

Heeeey, I’m staying in the US more then a month already!!! :) Together with my 2 friends we flew to JFK, but didn’t have time to see NY((((...Later that day we had another flight to Washington, D.C. We stayed in Crofton, M.D. (D.C. area) for a week or so in the apartment of our friends. Had really good time there and besides took a chance to visit Annapolis, the city which pretty looks like a European city. Later we moved to Rockville ‘cos of our work in a snackshop hahaha ..where we worked only one week :D before we packed our stuff and took a ride to Annandale, VA. One day we spent the whole day in Washington, D.C. riding in a double-decker and taking pics! I really liked the place where we stayed in Virginia, it was all green around, bunch of funny squirreles and a swimming pool next to our apartment, but the work was not busy at all, so.... now we are in Atlanta, baby))))) Can't forget the 4th of July! The fireworks near the Lenox Mall were totally awesome!!!