Monday, August 30, 2010

August in Tulsa

It has been 6 years since last time I was here in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I feel like it was in different life, with different Anna in her childhood!))) Everything looks so familiar! I stay here with an incredible family I used to know at those times! And I hope it would be me who can show Russia to Roy and Julie next time they will be visiting it :)

oh! I got a fantastic job in a clothes store (!!!) and had a good time out of work, like sunbathing in the backyard, going out for lunch or dinner, making sushi at home with Julie and Jennifer, gambling at the casino and winning some money (!!!), cooking some Russian dishes (buckwheat and apple pie), going out with Katie, being invited to small house parties, shopping of course, spending time in the lake house and boating, buying Roxy snowboard and....... to be continued!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Georgia WILD LIFE rrrrrr...

It's Atlanta, baby!

My July in the US: 4th of July, some partying with friends and karaoke, Animal safari, horseback riding and.. of course, working lol :D