Monday, September 27, 2010

Last days of magic

The last days in the US!!! ..............

Were hanging out with Troy couple of nights, I even was learnng to drive real American Pick-up haha))) met up with Kelli from Hospitalityclub and Couchsurfing, an amazing girl I wish I could meet earlier!!! The coffee-shop we went to was totally awesome! Also, had dinner at Sabina's house and went to have sushi with Roy&Julie!

By the way, I always have oatmeal (porridge) for breakfast! And here's the proof haha!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Mother Russia!

I'm at home, back to University!
But I have a bunch of pics from Tulsa of my last days there...

Part 1. Fabulous days with Katie
(Katie's B-Day; Union vs Jenks High School football game; went to eat out and to hookah place)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Like in a movie

Went to see OU (Oklahoma University). That night there was a big football game OU vs OSU, so there were lots of people gathering and tailgating (making BBQ, drinking)...but we just drove around 'cos we went to Oklahoma-city for another occasion.....

I think you have an image what American wedding lookes like, I bet you see lots of them in the movies. Well, now I can say that in reality there is no much differense! The scenario of a traditional wedding is almost the same, the differenses are only in design and colour of decorations, invitation cards, table centerpieces, flowers... Every moment of the wedding is really good planned before, so it will for sure turn into THE BIGGEST DAY of your life (and most expensive).
For me, american wedding will not be american without registered gifts, photo booth, wedding cake and ice sculpture! Love it all!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Working girl

Remember I told you that I was working in a clothes store the last month. Well, the first day I came to Tulsa, I knew I want to get a job in a mall. So I tried to pick up all aplications from all stores that I liked, and one day I was practically on my way home checking out this last store Charlotte Russe when I heard that I could come the next day to be interwed! So, the next day it took me 5 minutes...and I got a job!!!!!

I have known this store really good before, and I think it even became better! I enjoyed every minute working there! By the way, I really enjoyed by 40% discount as well! :D :D