Sunday, February 27, 2011

Across the universe

Crossing Volga river yeah!!! from Itsanitakonovalova on Vimeo.


Here is a timeline of pics from NOVEMBER to FEBRIARY! These are some fantastic moments that I’m glad happened to me and kept me awake during cold winter =)

I finally moved to my own place! Yeah!

New Year was amazing!!! We celebrated it in a countryside in a hunter house with a real furtree outside and a great company of people! Besides, Ricky joined us!

I went for holidays to Egypt with my friends and came back just 3 days before Revolution started over there. Oh!

My friend Anna hosted Paola, a girl from Brazil. It’s nice that she speaks perfect English!

Celebrated birthdays and partied with my friends! as usual lol

Cooked a little=) yummy!

Snowboarded a little, I wish I could do it more, ‘cos I think I suck (((

My baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Helloooo haven't seen you for agesssss!

Wow wow found some pics from partying in Skvoznyak about two or three weeks ago!!!


That's just the beginning!
Pretty soon thare's gonna be a huge, yep, a HUGE upload of pics from the last mmm ..3 MONTHES lol??!!!!!!! :D