Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here is a timeline of pics from NOVEMBER to FEBRIARY! These are some fantastic moments that I’m glad happened to me and kept me awake during cold winter =)

I finally moved to my own place! Yeah!

New Year was amazing!!! We celebrated it in a countryside in a hunter house with a real furtree outside and a great company of people! Besides, Ricky joined us!

I went for holidays to Egypt with my friends and came back just 3 days before Revolution started over there. Oh!

My friend Anna hosted Paola, a girl from Brazil. It’s nice that she speaks perfect English!

Celebrated birthdays and partied with my friends! as usual lol

Cooked a little=) yummy!

Snowboarded a little, I wish I could do it more, ‘cos I think I suck (((

My baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby my baby

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