Sunday, September 25, 2011


On Wednesday I had a chance to watch “eKhaya” performing at Jazz Room which is in Huether Hotel. I was invited there by Matthew whom I met through Couchsurfing and who appeared to be a band member. Cool talented guys who play “fusion music” – a mix of reggae and rock. As usual met tons of great people at that place and in jam hall later on. Long night that ended at Tim Hortons with bagels and cookies!!!

By the way on Thursday had a great Field Trip with my Event Management colleagues to Downtown where I even had a small talk with Cory Crossman!

And that evening I also got an invitation from Justus to Wine & Cheese night! What a cozy atmosphere and lovely people were there! Talked to folks who are totally in love with Downtown! Now me too!!! <3

Monday, September 19, 2011

KOI FEST video moments

KOI FESTIVAL from Itsanitakonovalova on Vimeo.

Dead and Divine

It's all about music and fun!

As usual my weekends are as busy as my weekdays. I can’t just sit at home reading book or watching TV or doing other boring stuff. For that reason we went out with my college mate Kara to check one of the clubs here in Waterloo. It seems that I haven’t been to that kind of clubs for a long time, so I have forgotten what it’s like. But it helped me realize that I’m just not a club person! Though it was a good experience I think I’m more into bars, life bands and concerts! =) Well.. Saturday was fantastic! KOI Festival is my FIRST MUSIC FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE outside of Russia. Excellent start I would say! There were 9 (!!!) different venues inside in cafes and clubs and one main stage in the open space. The King St was closed, so there was a lot of merchandizing going on. I really liked the atmosphere and all these stylish-looking people walking on the streets! I didn’t know most of the bands but I checked most of the venues and of course the main one! Dead and Divine were totally awesome!!!


Oh and on Sunday I had coffee with Justus from Couchsurfing! Before that, I went to local Sport store where they have really good stuff! Take a look! Ohhh I need new snowboard stuff!!! Winter is coming….sweet!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall 2011!'s givin' me chicken skin!

Good times!

Hanging out and meeting people in Downtown on Friday evening, buying stuff in second-hand shop and having nachos in Jane Bond on Saturday, walking in Victoria Park and trying for the first time Chai Tea on Sunday afternoon, shopping on Monday and totally loving my studies on weekdays…my life is beautiful! Ooh yeeees!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last Friday I was sitting in the backyard chilling and watching squirrels chasing each other when I got a phone call from my friend asking if I want to go to downtown Kitchener. What an exciting idea!

Sooo..You can easily get to Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener by bus. These areas are pretty much the same except Uptown Waterloo is more filled up with students and it’s a little bit cleaner I guess. We walked a lot in Downtown and Uptown and I liked them both for their cozy cafes, Irish pubs, all sort of restaurants and clubs, green parks, antique and second-hand shops, bookstores, veggie and fruit market. There is a Museum and Movie theatre. Besides, all big events like festivals usually take place there (KOI music festival and Octoberfest are coming!!!). Can’t wait to rent an apartment in such area! yeay!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello Canada! Here I am!

Waterloo, Ontario! new place - new yaer, new life, new people, new things, new opportunities, new feelings, new adventures, new everything!!!

Was walking around the neighborhood one day and found my favorite squirrels! Besides, couldn't make a pic of a bottle of maple syrup in the refrigerator! yummy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Every summer has a story #2

The new season is coming! So it's time for NEW MOMENTS AND ADVENTURES!
However, looove these people and those summer days so much!!! <3

Every summer has a story!

The summer is over... and I just have sooo many pics on my laptop that remind me about those AWESOME SUMMER MOMENTS that I can't share it with you! Every summer has a story and this summer is not an exception! Every time these pics put smile on my face and bring me only the wormest memories!