Monday, September 19, 2011

It's all about music and fun!

As usual my weekends are as busy as my weekdays. I can’t just sit at home reading book or watching TV or doing other boring stuff. For that reason we went out with my college mate Kara to check one of the clubs here in Waterloo. It seems that I haven’t been to that kind of clubs for a long time, so I have forgotten what it’s like. But it helped me realize that I’m just not a club person! Though it was a good experience I think I’m more into bars, life bands and concerts! =) Well.. Saturday was fantastic! KOI Festival is my FIRST MUSIC FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE outside of Russia. Excellent start I would say! There were 9 (!!!) different venues inside in cafes and clubs and one main stage in the open space. The King St was closed, so there was a lot of merchandizing going on. I really liked the atmosphere and all these stylish-looking people walking on the streets! I didn’t know most of the bands but I checked most of the venues and of course the main one! Dead and Divine were totally awesome!!!


Oh and on Sunday I had coffee with Justus from Couchsurfing! Before that, I went to local Sport store where they have really good stuff! Take a look! Ohhh I need new snowboard stuff!!! Winter is coming….sweet!

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