Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last Friday I was sitting in the backyard chilling and watching squirrels chasing each other when I got a phone call from my friend asking if I want to go to downtown Kitchener. What an exciting idea!

Sooo..You can easily get to Uptown Waterloo and Downtown Kitchener by bus. These areas are pretty much the same except Uptown Waterloo is more filled up with students and it’s a little bit cleaner I guess. We walked a lot in Downtown and Uptown and I liked them both for their cozy cafes, Irish pubs, all sort of restaurants and clubs, green parks, antique and second-hand shops, bookstores, veggie and fruit market. There is a Museum and Movie theatre. Besides, all big events like festivals usually take place there (KOI music festival and Octoberfest are coming!!!). Can’t wait to rent an apartment in such area! yeay!

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