Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto!

Spent a sunny and warm weekend in Toronto with my lovely friend Dasha from St. Catharines! It was just a 2 day trip but it seems like we were there for at least a week!

Went to Kensington market for vintage treasures in the afternoon. And Queen St West was a nice choice to be around during the evening - lots of people, bars, shops, cafes…Besides, that’s where we met a great guy Matthew (who is in a one-man band called “Mang”) who turned out to be our lucky charm and an awesome local guide!!! Oh yeah Rancho Relaxo and Velvet Underground are quiet interesting places to go to.

On Sunday we had a great picnic/branch on the waterside (Ontario Lake) and most of the day were waking and chilling around Kensington market. Yes, this area is a HEAVEN for sure - vintage clothing, cafes and shops of all sorts and tastes, veggie markets, green parks, ets… a place I want to come back so badly!

I totally felt in love with Toronto…but mostly because of its atmosphere, places and people <3

Friday night before Toronto

Went to Tech-Art Opening Party in Downtown (Take a note: it’s going to be shown first Friday every month) and enjoyed time in Boathouse.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Yeah, baby, it's Kitchener-Waterloo Octoberfest 2011!!!!

Yummy pretzel!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last days of September

Last Thursday (September, 29) attended the event called “Kikathon” – an unusual place I would go to, but a nice attempt to combine gig community and music (according to Yuriy lol). Went pretty well!

The rest of the week was more chilling with wine and sushi on Sunday! Looooootsa of sushi I must say mmm

By the way the midterms are coming…need to work hard!!!

My schedule! Pretty amazing classes, don’t you find?